Tereza Šimečková, Nielsen; Source: mediaguru.cz


9. 11. 2022
This week, Prague hosts international expert meeting on HbbTV broadcasting. The number of active HbbTV users in the Czech Republic is one million.

The number of active users of red button or HbbTV (hybrid TV broadcasting) in the Czech market is one million, according to ATO-Nielsen Admosphere data. In the Czech Republic, 92% of households have a TV set, of which 49% own a TV connected to the internet. Less than a quarter of households with a TV set use HbbTV. The data was presented at the 10th International HbbTV Symposium, which is being held in Prague this year.

But the number of viewers who have the option to watch HbbTV is higher. According to data reported by domestic TV groups, it is more than two million viewers.

The data presented at the presentation by Tereza Šimečková and Tomáš Hanzák from Nielsen Admosphere also showed that the viewership of video content varies across age groups. While younger viewers aged 15-24 watch TV most often through delayed viewing on the TV screen and live TV, live viewing is predominant among older viewers (most significantly in the 55+ groups). Both live and delayed HbbTV viewing are still in the single digits and are more prevalent in the under-35 audience.

At the HbbTV Symposium, representatives of the domestic commercial TV stations Nova and Prima presented their innovations in HbbTV introduced by these groups in the last year. These include the launch of the Max Reach advertising format, which allows advertising messages to be targeted at viewers who have not yet seen them, TV Nova's new quiz format, which allows viewers to ask questions, and the innovative Prima Shopping service, which allows viewers to be attracted to shopping events advertised in leaflets and also offer a specific discount in the form of a coupon.

The HbbTV Awards will also be announced on Wednesday evening as part of the HbbTV Symposium meeting. Of the Czech representatives, TV Nova has the best chance, having made the shortlist with four projects. We will bring the results of the HbbTV Awards, as well as some of the issues discussed in the field of HbbTV broadcasting and targeted advertising, in the coming days.

Source: mediaguru.cz
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