1. Information about the Operator The ScreenVoice.cz website and its sub-domains (hereinafter the “Website”) are operated by the Association of Commercial Television (hereinafter “AKTV”) with its registered office at Vinohradská 3217/167, Prague 10, corporate ID: 05939704, maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, file no. L 67929.
    1. Any questions or information relating to the use of the Website or the functioning of services operated thereon (hereinafter the “Services”) may be addressed to AKTV:
      1. via the contact form available on the Website;
      2. by e-mail sent to the following address: aktv@aktv.cz.
  2. General Provisions
    1. The access to and use of the Website is subject to the “Terms of Use of the ScreenVoice.cz Website” (hereinafter the “Terms”), the “Information on Personal Data Protection” and legislation of the Czech Republic. The user’s full consent to the Terms without any reservations is required to access the Website.
    2. The Terms exclusively govern the relationship between the Website’s visitor (hereinafter the “Website User”) and AKTV when using the Website.
    3. AKTV reserves the right to change and update the Terms at any time and without previous notification.
  3. Information about Third Party Applications
    1. The Website may contain applications of third parties, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google (hereinafter the “Third Party Applications”). These applications are subject to their own terms of use and personal data protection principles available on the respective websites of the respective application providers.
    2. The Third Party Applications are not reviewed by AKTV and as such, AKTV shall not be liable therefor in this respect.
  4. The Website’s Content
    1. The Website provides information and news on AKTV, its activities, AKTV members and the TV industry (such as press releases, surveys, events, etc.).
    2. Visiting and browsing the Website is unlimited and free of charge. Access to some services or information is possible only upon prior registration by filling out and submitting an online form on the Website (hereinafter the “Member Services”).
    3. AKTV reserves the right to stop providing its services for free and start offering them for a fee.
    4. The Member Services include providing access to additional content of the Website (e.g. research papers, documents, presentations published by AKTV, information on other members).
    5. The content of the Website and all its components (trademarks, graphic elements, logos, photographs, animations, videos, text, etc.) belong to AKTV or its partners or AKTV members. The Website’s content is protected by intellectual property right (primarily the Copyright Act and related rights, the Act on Trademarks, etc.) and shall not be copied, distributed or disclosed without a written approval or licence provided by AKTV or a rightholder; otherwise, such act means infringement of copyright and/or trademark.
    6. The Website User is entitled to view and download the Website content for personal use only provided they do not alter the Website content in any way and do not remove information on the author or co-authors of the content and cite the Website as the source. The Website User shall refrain from circumventing possible technical measures relating to documents and/or multimedia elements protecting the Website content against unauthorised reproduction or modification. Copying is allowed only for personal use in compliance with the Copyright Act.
    7. The Website User shall not:
      1. Alter or copy the Website content, except for the conditions specified in Section 4.6;
      2. Use the Website content for any business purpose or for any part of any public display (whether of a commercial nature or not);
      3. Try and decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on the Website;
      4. Transfer the Website content to a third party website or duplicate it on another server.
    8. Any other use of the Website and its components that is not explicitly permitted herein is forbidden.
  5. Liability Relating to the Website’s Use
    1. AKTV ensures to the maximum extent that the Website remains available to the usual number of users. AKTV cannot guarantee the normal operation of the Website under any circumstances without any interruption or error, or any deficiencies being resolved immediately or that the Website or the server on which it is placed are completely free from viruses or other harmful elements.
    2. AKTV reserves the right to suspend or terminate disclosing the entire Website or its part at any time without previous notification. AKTV shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage of any kind resulting from the suspension, interruption, (technical) intervention, delay, difficult access and/or blocked access to the whole Website or its part, any malware or any other harmful element present on the Website. Users who notice the presence of viruses or any other malware on the Website are kindly asked to inform AKTV thereof at the following address: aktv@aktv.cz so that AKTV can adopt appropriate measures. AKTV recommends the Website Users to install appropriate firewalls, antivirus programmes and other software to their endpoint devices to be protected against any damage.
    3. The Website Users use and view the Website at their own risk. The Website, its components and all information, software, installations and services relating to the Website are disclosed to the public without warranty of any kind and to the extent permitted by applicable law. In addition, AKTV shall not be liable, provide any warranty or make any representation as to the accuracy, probability of results or reliability of using the Website content or any component thereof in any manner. AKTV shall not be liable for information contained on other websites to which the Website refers through hypertext links. Under no circumstances shall AKTV or its partners be liable for any detriment (direct, indirect, tangible or intangible, including detriment relating to the loss of data or profit or leading to an operating loss) arising from the use or inability to use the Website or the content thereof.
    4. The presence of technical, typing or calculation errors on the Website cannot be ruled out. AKTV shall not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and update of its Website content. AKTV reserves the right to modify its Website content at any time and without notification. However, AKTV does not undertake to update its Website on a regular basis.
    5. Third party websites are not reviewed by AKTV and AKTV shall not assume any liability for their functioning, content or availability. Unless stated otherwise on AKTV’s Website, the existence of the links does not imply that AKTV approves of the websites to which it refers or the use thereof, neither do the links imply any affiliation or partnership with the owners of the websites. Browsing the websites is the website users’ own and full responsibility.
  6. Final Provisions
    1. The Terms shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic and the courts of the Czech Republic shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any litigation relating to the Terms.