13. 4. 2022
Source: mediaguru.cz
Media Club and Nielsen Admosphere are working on the further development of cross-platform TV and video advertising measurement AdCross.

The media agency Media Club together with the measurement agency Nielsen Admopshere presented measurement for TV and online advertising (including HbbTV) and trailers AdCross. It has been available to media agencies since the start of this year. According to representatives of both companies, its establishment is a response to rising rates of online video content consumption, increasing time-shifted TV viewing and the growing need for a global measurement to calculate cross-platform reach for major socio-demographic groups. “With this project, we want to establish a uniform currency for total video measurement on the Czech market. The AdCross project sets up a comprehensive system for online and TV so that we can measure in a single way how many viewers watched an ad spot or a content trailer,” said Marek Singer, CEO of Prima.

Data can be processed in a single software (Adwind Kite), in which people meter data are combined with online platform reach data and as such, unique reach and socio-demographic reach can be calculated. The data of the Czech National Panel are used for this purpose as well. The solution is hybrid, combining site-centric and user-centric measurement with mathematic and statistical modelling. The data on adverts watched are collected using measuring scripts and combined with aggregated and anonymised data from the Czech National Panel, to which data from people meters delivered by ATO are added.

At present, Prima and Česká relevize have been involved in the measurement. AdCross has been running live since January and is expected to expand. Preparation of another stage will be completed soon, in which data from mobile applications will be included in the measurement. Prospective inclusion of data on dynamic advertising in IPTV archives and smart apps is anticipated. “Platforms important for the Czech market should also be included,” said Tereza Šimečková, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Nielsen Admosphere.
According to FTV Prima’s CCO, Vladimír Pořízek, Prima initiated the establishment of cross-platform measurement due to the changing conditions on the market. “Standard GRPs are decreasing and this trend will continue. That is why we have introduced cross-platform measurement so that we can measure both TV and online. We will be able to change programming and monetise online shows,” described Pořízek. Other trends are specified in the following text.

At the beginning of 2022, Media Club included a part of the online video space (digital eGRPs) in TV packages - according to Media Club’s experience, eGRP campaigns may increase campaign reach and affinity, especially with young target groups. For example, for TG 25-55 affinity was successfully increased by 29%, said Petr Hatlapatka from Media Club in a meeting. “If a client has a certain part of its business online and is strong in online, it makes sense to use eGRP campaigns,” said Hatlapatka, adding that Media Club plans to gradually increase the share of eGRP in the common sale.

Lost GRPL 30s due to ad-skipping, PRIMA Group; IPTV; TG 15-69 years

Development of Prima’s GRPs in IPTV, source: Media Club

Total advertising volume, January to October

TV and online advertising accounts for 72% of the total advertising volume, source: Media Club

Main development trends according to Media Club:
• The number of TV stations measured has decreased by 53 since 2008.
• Linear TV viewing is expected to decline (-10% so far this year).
• Consumption of online video on social networks and video portals such as YouTube is growing.
• Growth in time-shifted viewing (this year, it has accounted for 17% so far) and growth in IPTV (in 2021, IPTV’s share was 21%).
• The level of time-shifted viewing on IPTV is growing, reaching 60%.
• Standard GRPs are declining (linear TV), Media Club records a decline of 30 thousand in GRPs in linear TV in 2021 (CZK -200 million).
• The current distribution of GRPs in Media Club is as follows: 85% live TV, 14% time-shifted TV viewing, 1 % eGRP .
Prima was developing AdCross with Nielsen Admosphere and Česká televize for more than two years and invested millions of Czech crowns in the project. AdCross is a locally developed product allowing for the measurement of affinity of target groups and the reach of video advertising and trailers irrespective of the platform they are broadcast on.

Source: mediaguru.cz
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