1. 6. 2022
The number of SVOD users in the Czech Republic is growing. The top three services on the local market are Netflix, HBO Max and Voyo.

According to the fresh data from Atmedia Index, SVOD services are used by 40% of the Czech internet population aged 15-69, up 12 percentage points year-on-year. The data were presented by Michaela Suráková, Managing Director of Atmedia, at the Digimedia 2022 conference on Wednesday. She added that the research indicated that 42% of Czechs were planning to pay for VOD in the following 12 months. On average, they subscribe to 1.5 services, paying CZK 205 a month.

The research also investigated how many people paid for SVOD services in the Czech Republic. Data show that 52% of the SVOD services used are paid directly and additional 12% through a TV operator. According to our calculation, this indicates that the number of paying users is about 1.6 million people aged 15-69 years.

Despite the increasing number of SVOD users, the question is how inflation and the challenging economic situation will impact further development. According to Michaela Suráková, experience from the UK TV market indicates that the growth in numbers of SVOD service users is slowing down. In her opinion, it is appropriate for pay video services to combine their offerings with advertising, which allows them to set the monthly subscription price lower than in an ad-free model.


How many Czechs use SVOD services?

Source: Atmedia Index, 17.3.-29.3. 2022 and 9.5.-16.5. 2022, internet population aged 15-69

40% of Czechs use SVOD services

60 % of Czechs do not use SVOD services 

Based on the recently completed study by Nielsen Admosphere Video on the Internet, 54% of internet users agree that it is right to pay for video content to support video content producers. Data confirm that SVOD development was supported by the Covid-19 pandemic. 13% of internet users stated in the survey that the pandemic made them pay for video content or that they started subscribing to video services after the pandemic.

Netflix (32%), HBO Max (17%) and Voyo (12%) are the most used pay video services in the Czech Republic. If the sample is reduced to users who own a smart TV, the SVOD service usage among those viewers is higher by several percentage points: Netflix (38%), HBO Max (22%) and Voyo (15%).

TOP 3 paid services

TOP 3 paid video services, source : Nielsen Amdosphere, N =1,018

Watching the service (at least once a month)

Base = total sample, N = 1,008

25% at least once a week     11% at least once a week        9% at least once a week

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