5. 9. 2022
In the week starting September 5, new shows that are part of the autumn broadcast start on TV screens. The programming schedules are now in full swing.

In the past week, new shows for the autumn broadcasts of the main commercial TV stations have been presented on TV screens. In the current week, the premiere programmes of Czech Television and some others will be added. Thanks to them, the start of the autumn TV season will be complete.

What did the first week show, in which new shows or premiere episodes of new series of already known shows started? Considering the fact that some shows are repeated even in their weekly line-up and that they are broadcast at the same times as last autumn, we can say that their results are confirmed for the time being after the first “autumn” week. This is particularly the case for the Tuesday and Thursday results of the series ZOO (Prima), which maintains a viewership in the wider 15+ audience group above the one million viewer mark and is the clear frontrunner in this group, as well as in the 15-69 group. The ZOO series is competing with MasterChef (Nova) on Tuesday, which is again strong in the commercial target group 15-54, and Pan Profesor (Nova) on Thursday. Also, the second series of the series with Vojtěch Dyk in the first week maintained the highest viewership in the 15-54 group.

The second series Duel na talíři (Nova), broadcast in Tuesday's second prime-time window, also continued its second season and also managed to repeat its above-average performance in the 15-54 group in this time slot.

Two new TV Prima releases were then the winners in the first week. The series Hořký svět attracted more than one million viewers (15+) for the first time and achieved the best result on Wednesday evening, also in other audience groups. The new entertainment show Můj muž to dokáže, broadcast on Friday night, also scored the highest ratings in all major audience groups at its launch.

The distribution of viewer preferences on Monday night is not yet final. Although the duel between the first episodes of the new series Pálava (Prima) and the new episodes of Specialisté (Nova) went better for the latter in the wider 15+ audience group, while the opening episode of Pálava fared slightly better in the younger audience groups, Czech Television has not yet entered the game. From Monday 5 September, it will start broadcasting the third series of the series Případy 1. oddělení and will very likely pull the audience interest to its side.

On the other hand, Sunday evenings will probably be marked by a new series of Policie Modrava (Nova), although the new Czech Television miniseries Pozadí událostí will not start until 11 September. The first episode of the fourth season of Policie Modrava was watched by an average of 1.58 million viewers (15+, 41.4% share) on Sunday 4 September.

It also appears that the Star Special of Na lovu (Nova) will repeat its spring results and become the number one show for Saturday nights.

Since, with the exception of the weekend and Monday broadcasts, Czech Television puts repeats in the main evening time slot, the biggest weekday evening battles will take place between the main commercial broadcasters.

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