28. 1. 2022
Source: TV Nova
TV group Nova will include three more premiere series in the spring broadcast, as well as new episodes of the reality show Your Face Has a Known Voice.

The Nova television group will also include the new original series Chlap, Šéfka in its spring broadcast and will also present the new parts of the series Dáma a Král. New episodes of the reality show Your Face Has a Famous Voice will also appear in the spring.

Nova started this spring season at the beginning of the new year by a premiere of detective series Badge Vysočina (broadcasted on Thursday) and the reality show Survivor Česko & Slovensko. It is broadcasted twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. The new episodes of the Specialists and reality show Exchange of Wives and Little Loves also continue. The Street and in the afternoon the show Na lovu is also still broadcasting in the early evening program slot.

The new series Chlap (originally the Doc series) is located in a hospital environment. Tomáš Maštalír plays the main role of a successful doctor who loses part of his memory. The series is inspired by a true story. Nova will include him in Thursday's broadcast after the broadcast of the eight-part series Badge Vysočina ends.

In the second Thursday slot, new episodes of the Lady and the King series will follow, with a detective plot starring Tereza Hofová and Matěj Hádek.

The new crime series Šéfka, starring Kateřina Winterová, is heading to Saturday evenings. It is supposed to bring not only the investigation of crimes, but also the strong personal stories of the main characters. The series has ten parts. Sunday nights will be reserved for the show Your face has a familiar voice.

TV Nova also announced that it has started filming a new crime series, Extraordinary Intellectual Talent, with Tatiana Dyková in the lead role of an intelligent cleaner who will become part of the investigation team.

New spring TV Nova program scheme. Source: TV NOVA

Detailed information on the new series can be found in the materials here. There is also a program overview of thematic stations of the Nova group.

In the first half of 2022, the Voyo video platform will feature five premiere projects shot under the Voyo Original brand. In addition to the new season of Surgery in the Rose Garden 2, which will start on Voyo on February 3, and the three-part miniseries Guru, which premiered on Voyo during January, there will be the comedy series National Handball, the family drama Morning Glow and the three-part miniseries Iveta.

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