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15. 5. 202315. 5. 2023
Škoda Auto has used HbbTV to measure the impact of TV advertising using a Brand lift solution.

In the April campaign, Škoda Auto communicated its new identity using exclusive ad formats. In addition, the company also measured the impact of TV advertising by using a Brand lift solution, which it implemented via HbbTV in cooperation with Media Club, PHD and Kinet. Škoda Auto new identity was already introduced last year. The new identity includes different corporate colours, a "winged arrow" logo and the Škoda name. The campaign ran on television, print, cinema and online.

Škoda Auto used a number of exclusive online formats for its campaign. Specifically, it was the one-day HP Exclusive List format, which is displayed on mobile devices and computers. The campaign also included the Patička format in the form of banners on HP, which was also displayed only on one day. The campaign then used the Top View format on the TikTok social network and Masthead on YouTube. In addition to these formats, the campaign was supplemented with rich-media and video formats.

On television, the company presented its spot in early April. Television was scheduled for the entire month with an emphasis on the first week when communication was stronger. It was in the first days of the campaign that the company used a Brand lift solution to gauge the impact of its campaign.

Brand lift is the tool that is most commonly used when advertising on YouTube. Through Brand lift, the advertiser can ask users any of a number of predefined questions. The tool probes users' attitudes using questionnaires and measures their brand awareness, buying preferences and more.

The solution for Škoda Auto was developed in cooperation between PHD, Media Club and Kinet, where a questionnaire template was prepared to measure the effectiveness of TV advertising on Prima channels using HbbTV. A target group was chosen for the questionnaire and a pre-test was conducted before the TV spot was aired and before the user had the opportunity to see it. A second survey in the form of a post-test was implemented after the user had seen the ad on TV. In the second measurement, the response rate for the Škoda Auto option was higher than in the first measurement, which indicates the success of the campaign and its positive impact.

Štěpán Patrovský, Senior Print & Digital Planner, Omnicom Media Group

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