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9. 1. 20239. 1. 2023
The Voyo streaming platform from the CME Group portfolio has had an extremely successful year, exceeding 400,000 subscribers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, according to media reports. On average, they spend almost 12 hours per week on Voyo. CME Group made Voyo a key priority last year, and thanks to a massive advertising campaign and investment in original content, the platform has started to attract new paying viewers in a big way. Voyo has not only an ever-expanding premium offering of films, series, documentaries from domestic and international production, but also, and most importantly, gradually emerging original formats from the Voyo Originals workshop.

"Last year, we worked hard to meet our annual targets, which we imaginatively exceeded at the beginning of autumn. We brought in a lot of new Voyo Original and Voyo Film releases, expanded our library of films and series in all genres, and last but not least worked on the user interface to give viewers the best viewing experience. Personally, I am looking forward to 2023, when we are going to take the whole online experience a step further," says the new CEO of TV Nova, Daniel Grunt, who was originally responsible for the development and growth of the Voyo platform.

"We're thriving on partnering with the best creators. Alongside programming stalwarts like The Rose Garden 2, Voyo Originals such as Iveta, Morning Glow and King of Sumava are scoring with viewers," Grunt adds.

News portal saw a 41% year-on-year increase, with an average of almost 3.4 million real users visiting it monthly, Nova said, citing NetMonitor data. Readers were most interested in topics related to the war in Ukraine.

The HbbTV app for smart TVs also showed increased interest. The monthly reach last year was 2.4 million viewers over the age of 4. The Nova Group intends to be a leader in this area.
"HbbTV holds countless possibilities. It is an ever-evolving technology that offers an effective link between the online world and the linear environment. In the past year, we have been able to introduce four groundbreaking innovations. This year we will not be idle and we are planning several other innovations to improve the red button environment for our viewers,"

says Business Development Manager of HbbTV at TV Nova Iva Dohnálková.

One of the examples of enhanced content for Nova's shows is the Love Island Czech Republic Slovakia app, through which fans could not only get a behind-the-scenes look at the show, but also vote for their favourites and influence the events in the villa. The app has gained more than 307 thousand users and has become one of the most downloaded apps on the domestic market. The winner was decided by almost 179 thousand people.

Last year, CME Group identified Voyo as its key priority, and thanks to a massive advertising campaign and investment in original content, the platform started to gain new paying viewers in a big way. Original formats for the Voyo platform are produced under the Voyo Original brand.

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