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12. 6. 202412. 6. 2024
The Kantar BrandZ ranking of the world's most valuable brands has been dominated for the third time by Apple, which has reached a historic milestone with a value of over a trillion dollars. It is followed by technology brands Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

The importance of technology was shown in the newly released Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands Report 2024, where technology brands Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon dominated the top four spots. They are then joined in sixth place by Nvidia, which jumped 18 places thanks to the growing influence of artificial intelligence after a 178 percent year-on-year increase in brand value.

In between, fast-food chain McDonald's is in fifth place, which Kantar said has also been helped by AI-related innovations such as dynamic menus and order forecasting. Facebook returns to the top 10 most valuable brands after a one-year absence, and Oracle makes its first appearance.

The BrandZ 2024 report also highlights the resilience of the brands at the top of the rankings. The overall value of the Global Top 100 grew 20 percent to $8.3 trillion, close to the 2022 record of $8.7 trillion. Since 2006, the value of brands in the Global Top 100 has increased 474 percent. The threshold for entry into the Top 100 has increased 354 percent, from the original $4 billion to $19 billion.

"With a value of one trillion dollars, Apple has demonstrated its resilience in the face of challenging market conditions. The premium valuations are justified by the fact that brands that are meaningful (meaningful), distinct (distinct) and salient (salient) best weather global economic upheaval," comments Martin Guerrieria, Head of Kantar BrandZ, on the results, adding, "Our 2024 report shows that strong brands are thriving despite global economic uncertainty. Brands investing in AI are seeing remarkable gains this year thanks to improved customer experience."

Alongside Nvidia, AI titans Adobe and AMD also made impressive gains, securing a place among the top 20 fastest growing companies with brand value growth of 66 percent and 53 percent respectively. Together with the resurgence in growth of brands like Instagram, Facebook and Uber, these companies show how technological innovation can boost consumer engagement and accelerate growth.

"Effective marketing can take many forms - from great content, to innovation, to thoughtful pricing and media strategy. The key is that investing in effective marketing improves consumer perception and increases brand value, which contributes to sustained business success," Martin Guerrieria further emphasises.

Read more in the MAM 25/2024 issue, out on 17 June.

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