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Consumers who purchase after viewing an OTT advertisement are more likely to be new-to-brand (75% of users) than those who did not get exposed to an OTT advertisement (60% of users).

That’s according to a new report from WARC and Perpetua, a supplier of e-commerce advertising and intelligence software, which analyses the impact of brand-building ads across the entire shopper journey with Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC).

Why it matters

“As Amazon continues to introduce new ad formats that create demand for brands and their products in support of full funnel marketing strategies, advertisers will want to understand the true impact and outcomes for their awareness campaigns,”

says David Tiltman, VP content at WARC.


  • The benchmark report is the first of its kind and dives into the AMC’s powerful dataset to learn the impact of awareness campaigns and their connection to conversions and sales.

  • The report uncovers key trends and attribution metrics across multiple advertising platforms and ad units including Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP.

  • The report gives a first look at how over-the-top video can influence new-to-brand customers, impression and conversions by hour for different ad types and purchasing period trends.

The big idea

Brand building in an age of highly attributable performance marketing requires new and unique datasets. As AMC grows, there is scope to analyse more brands and more types of interaction. So far, however, the findings reinforce the case for a balanced approach for marketers between building brands and converting existing demand.

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