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30. 5. 202430. 5. 2024
The Vodafone operator is the first player on the pay-TV market to offer a connection with the prima+ video library. The news started on the same day as the launch of the global video library Max, Tuesday 21 May.

Media group Nova has long offered successful connections with telecoms players in the market in the case of its Voyo video library. It was therefore no surprise that rival Prima, which launched its prima+ service early last year, decided to do the same. The collaboration was announced on the same day as the launch of the Max video library, and so the information may have been partly overshadowed by it.

As Vodafone states on its website, Prima's collaboration with the operator to expand its video library is exclusive at the moment. Thus, customers of any other telecommunications company cannot access this offer. Similar exclusive collaborations are common, and this has also been the case in the past for other TV applications, with Samsung being active in this regard, for example. Vodafone's basic TV offer with more than 100 channels (including prima+) will cost an existing customer CZK 220 and a new customer CZK 370.

What needs to be done...

Vodafone customers can activate the streaming services with which the operator has an agreement in the client zone by entering their phone number and password. For prima+, they are required to have just the Vodafone TV+ tariff. HBO Max and Voyo video libraries are also available as part of the AllinOne add-on package, and Netflix can be purchased, but is billed separately.

prima+ Premium appears on the new tile and promises a selection of more than two thousand titles for the whole family. Vodafone allows activation again via a unique code consisting of a combination of letters and numbers, which is, however, only entered on the website or in the prima+ app, i.e. outside the operator's customer zone itself. However, the operator has simplified this option as much as possible and you only need to click on the unnoticeable red button "Activate prima+ Premium". After that, you will be redirected to the page with login details.

How to activate the code

To use the prima+ video library, you need to be registered, i.e. have an active account on the Prima portal. If you have never used the video library in the past, you need to do so. If you already have an account, everything is easy. You must then activate the code you have received. You can do this even if you already have the prima+ service active and your subscription is running. The "Redeem coupon" button is used for this. The "automatic subscription renewal" will then be set up with the "Premium 0 CZK per month" visible.

Vodafone points out that if the customer leaves the operator, they will also lose their premium access to the prima+ video library. If they already had the Light tariff as part of the service, this will be topped up or switched to the Free version. Existing clients with the original tariff cannot use the free access to prima+ Premium. Vodafone is strict and informs that "The Vodafone TV+ offer with prima+ Premium is only valid for new customers who purchase this tariff." However, existing customers are not barred from switching and can make the switch, among other things, directly via the web.

Video libraries as an extension of pay TV

As mentioned in the introduction, cooperation with individual video theatres operating on the Czech market is a natural extension of pay-TV operators. There are many cases from the last years, but also months. One of the most important ones was, for example, the agreement between the French media group Canal+ and the American company Apple. Apple TV+ titles are not only part of Canal+'s video library, but also part of the online service Skylink Live TV. The attractive expansion of both platforms was accompanied by a new pricing policy, although it was not a drastic increase.

The pay-TV market is evolving and the days when operators offered only classic linear channels are over. At the Innovation Day industry conference held by České Radiokomunikace last week, CEO Miloš Mastník confirmed this trend in the case of terrestrial broadcasting as well. Classical television would not do without additional OTT content. The field of action is open in this respect. Other, this time global players such as Disney+ or SkyShowtime are still waiting for a similar opportunity on our market.

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