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Since the December 19th, the largest domestic TV stations will start Christmas broadcasts. most of the regular programmes are going on Christmas break.

Major domestic TV stations are switching to Christmas programming schedules. In the week of 19 December, there are still episodes of the series Good News (Wednesday) and Don't Worry About Me (Thursday) to be broadcast, and on Friday, the last programme before the Christmas break is We Love the Czech Republic. The premiere episodes of the series Specialists have already concluded, and reruns of the series will air on Monday 19 December.

The programme will again be filled mostly with fairy tales and Czech and foreign films. On Christmas Eve, CT1 will offer the TV premiere of the fairy tale The Secret of the Old Bambitka 2, rival Nova will bet on Three Nuts for Cinderella and Prima on the Christmas comedy Home Alone. The New Year's Eve shows also rely on proven formats from the past years. On ČT, the New Year's Eve staple Všechnopárty will be on again, on Nova the New Year's Eve edition of Your Face Has a Famous Voice and on Prima the New Year's Eve Partička.

Christmas Eve is one of the days with the highest TV ratings of the year. In the last three years, an average of 82% of Czech TV viewers aged 4+ have turned it on on 24 December and spent an average of over 6 hours watching it. The record in this respect was set on Christmas Eve in 2020, when time spent watching TV reached almost 6.5 hours, Atmedia said last week.
"Television viewing on Christmas Eve significantly exceeds the annual average. A total of 8 million Czechs turn on the TV and spend 2.5 hours longer watching it than during the year,"

describes Pavel Müller, Head of Research & Marketing at Atmedia, referring to the official ATO-Nielsen Admosphere TV viewership results.

In addition to Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day are also among the highest-viewed days of the year, regularly topping the list of the 10 highest-viewed days each year. Over the last three years, an average of 76% of TV viewers aged 4+ have turned on the TV on 25 and 26 December, spending almost 5.5 hours a day watching it. "New Year's Eve and New Year's Day also have similarly high TV ratings almost every year," adds Müller.

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