30. 6. 2022
Here's a roundup of the spots that won the Cannes Lions' Titanium Grand Prix for boundary-breaking projects with groundbreaking creative.

2012: Nike + FuelBand by R/GA New York for Nike

To engage customers more, Nike introduced the FuelBand a decade ago, a wristband that translated the effects of any activity into a NikeFuel indicator. The latter helps people compare results equally, for example, no matter how differently their bodies burn calories. This encouraged people to be competitive and motivated, as well as accessing services on the Nike+ platform, which was free to users of the wristband.

2013: Dove Real beauty Sketches by Ogilvy & Mather Brazil for Dove (Unilever)

The Dove campaign responded to the realization of how a tiny percentage of women would describe themselves as beautiful. In the campaign, the artist drew portraits based on the descriptions, similar to the way they create police sketches. First by the description of the woman herself, then by the person who had met her moments before. As a result, it turned out that the women's own supposed shortcomings, to which they clung, were not even registered by others.

2014: Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989 by Dentsu Tokyo for Honda

The automobile company wanted to draw attention to the fact that its Internavi navigation system helps improve driving by leveraging driving data. Similar to the data that helped Ayrton Senna set a world record for F1 lap times in 1989. Thanks to the preserved telemetry from that qualifying race, the agency was able to reproduce the sound of his driving engine more than two decades later, which captivated the world.

2015: Emoji Ordering by CP+B for Domino's Pizza

The Domino's chain decided to make ordering pizza easier for its customers in various ways through the Domino's Anyware platform. It drew attention in one way: by sending a pizza emoji. This worked by signing up for the system, using the link and sending the emoji by text or tweet. The campaign helped drive comparable sales growth of nearly 11 percent.

2016: #OptOutside by Venables Bell + Partners for REI

The U.S. outdoor-focused chain decided to go against the tide and close its stores on so-called Black Friday to entice people to spend time outdoors instead of crowded stores. It has inspired 1.4 million people to take the plunge and another 150 stores to take a similar step. The campaign helped brand awareness by garnering 6.7 billion media impressions.

2017 Fearless Girl Arrives from McCann Worldgroup for State Street Global Advisors

Investment firm State Street Global Advisors wanted to encourage more diversity at the top of the business and created a fund to invest in companies with women executives. To draw attention to the initiative, it erected a statue of a fearless girl on International Women's Day opposite the iconic charging bull.

2018: The Palau Pledge by Host Havas for Palau Legacy Project

The island of Palau decided to combat the negative environmental impacts of tourism by only allowing entry to the country to people who signed a pledge printed in their passports to preserve the local environment for future generations. The form of tourist visas and the country's immigration policy were officially changed for the project.

2019: The Whopper Detour by FCB New York for Burger King

The Burger King chain "outed" McDonald's by offering people its Whopper for one cent (24 cents) when they activate a discount code on the Burger King app near a competing restaurant. Within two days, the app became the most downloaded app according to App Annie (it jumped from 686th place), the top "app" for both iOS and Android, and recorded 1.5 million downloads in nine days.

2020/2021: #Painstories by AMV BBDO for Bodyform/Libresse

The campaign helped create a new vocabulary for expressing pain based on emotional listening and metaphors. It's meant to help overlooked women's health issues that society is too shy to talk about. The project is part of the highly successful #wombstories campaign.

2022: Long Live The Prince by Engine UK for The Kiyan Prince Foundation

The Kiyan Prince Foundation supports talented children from challenging backgrounds and helps them build better attention spans. It also takes inspiration from the example of the slain budding footballer after whom the non-profit is named. He came to life in the campaign with the help of technology, and as a successful athlete, he was also featured in the FIFA game.

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