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Several first-run shows will appear on the March evening primetime telecasts of the largest TV groups.

Several new programmes are heading to the March primetime TV schedule, to be introduced by both commercial players and Czech Television. This will build on the programming news at the start of the new year and commercial TV in particular will want to underpin the onset of the spring advertising season. The main new programmes will include series and reality shows on the strongest commercial TV stations, while Czech Television will also add new documentary series or talk shows.

Starting Sunday, 3 March, the series To se vysvětlí, comrades!, which satirically portrays the investigation of paranormal phenomena in the former Czechoslovakia, will be shown on ČT1.

A new series of the reality show Survivor will launch on TV Nova on Tuesday 5 March, airing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 21:40. It premiered on Voyo earlier this week (Tuesday, February 27). TV Nova is also planning to air new episodes of Undercover Boss and Superhunter - confirmation of their launch is still awaited.

In the last third of March, on Saturday 23 March, TV Prima will premiere the gastronomic competition reality show Česko na grillu, in which couples will compete against each other and their performances will be judged by a pair of chefs Zdeněk Pohlreich and Martin Svatek.

Saturday night entertainment will be replaced by new episodes of the show Nature's Wonders on ČT1 from the same date, replacing the existing Bake the Whole Country competition.

Sunday's premiere production will get a new twist with the launch of series prepared for video-on-demand. Starting Sunday, March 24, Prima will include the series Dial My Agent (based on the original Call My Agent), a comedic look at the goings-on at a casting agency. The actors the agency represents play themselves in the series.

A week later, Nova will air its Sunday series Iveta, which it is exceptionally including from its Voyo Original production as a gift for TV Nova's 30th anniversary. It will air two series, or six episodes.

On ČT2, viewers will see a new talk show by Lucie Výborná called Výborná show. There will also be a new documentary series We, the Citizens of the Protectorate, which reveals a glimpse into the lives and private lives of the citizens of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. ČT2 will also offer new episodes of the programme Landscape of Wine, this time going to Slovakia.

In March, the first channel ČT1 will offer its annual balance sheet interview with President Petr Pavel and the traditional Czech Lion film awards.

Note: The dates indicate the first broadcast of the programmes on the respective day

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