7. 6. 2022
Prima TV has started filming its new central series, this time situating it in a TV broadcasting environment.

Television Prima has started filming its new long-running series Dobré zprávy (Good News), which is set in a TV news environment. It is being filmed in Malesice studios in Prague. The main roles will be played by Natálie Halouzková and Vladimír Polívka. The series depicts the story of a village girl who gets an internship in the imaginary newsroom of Dobré zprávy. The intention of the creators is to show a different side of television news.

Thus, Prima reaches for a media theme after the topics of healthcare (Modrý kód/Code Blue), cooking (Ohnivý kuře/Fire Chicken), family saga (Slunečná/Sunny) or winemaking (Vinaři/The Winemakers). „We don't need expert advisers for news topics, we've all been through television. We know its backstage and we know how things work in television. We want to take a look behind the scenes of television through a girl full of ideals on a specific afternoon live show,“ said Lenka Hornová, TV Prima's content director, at the launch.

Prima had to build a TV studio in the studio for the purpose of filming the new series. The series also stars Petr Ryšavý, Miroslav Šimůnek, Marek Vašut, Igor Chmela, Jan Komínek, Ivana Korolová, Zdeněk Žák, Jaromír Nosek, Kateřina Klausová, Ivana Andrlová and Vojtěch Vodochodský. The series is produced by Good TV and is directed by Libor Kodad, Jaromír Polišenský and Lukáš Buchar.

The new Prima series is intended to be long-running. Prima usually includes them twice a week in its prime-time weekday broadcasts. It has not yet indicated when it might put Dobré zprávy on the air. But it is possible that it will appear as early as the television station's autumn broadcast in place of the 1. mise (1st Mission) series.

It will be another of the new series Prima is preparing. In the spring, it already announced the start of filming of the series Pod hladinou (Underwater), which focuses on the life of police divers. Recently, it announced the creation of another series from the wine-growing environment of Pálava.

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