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17. 5. 202417. 5. 2024
Nova TV and Prima TV have gone into election mode. Nova starts on Friday afternoon on TN Live with the first debate with candidates for the European Parliament. Prima has already launched a series of profile interviews with leaders of political parties, movements and coalitions in the 360° programme.

We have prepared a large amount of content for the European elections, the backbone of which is the four debates and the subsequent vote count. We are also preparing articles on the web, topics for journalistic programmes and, of course, reports in Televizne noviny," said Kamil Houska, director of news at Nova.

He added that Nova wants to show people how everything happening in the European Union affects their lives.

The debates will take place live in the news studio in Nova's main building, from where the Our Europe programme will be broadcast on Monday morning, 10 June. The presenters will be joined in the studio by Bára Divišová, who will present the interim results in the field. This time her station will be in front of the castle in Litomyšl.

Prima is preparing five debates and interviews with leaders

CNN Prima NEWS will broadcast a total of five major debates, including a duel between the chairmen of the two strongest groups - Prime Minister Petr Fiala for the SPOLU coalition and ANO movement chairman Andrej Babiš.

"On CNN Prima NEWS we have long been trying to bring European politics closer to our viewers. We will offer five debates before the elections and a complete election service on TV and on the web, during which we will show viewers through attractive analyses of the results what impact the European Parliament elections will have on the future of Europe and the Czech Republic," said Tomáš Vojáček, editor-in-chief of news and journalism at CNN Prima NEWS.

Already this week, Prima has launched a series of profile interviews with leaders of political parties, movements and coalitions that have a chance of winning seats or state contributions defined by an estimated gain of at least 1.5% of the vote after averaging relevant pre-election polls in the 360° programme. In total, eleven entities will be represented.

On the day the polls open, CNN Prima NEWS will bring a special election service from Brussels, and on 9 June an election studio with analysis of the results will start at 20:00 and continue live throughout the night until the special post-election edition of the New Day programme.

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