29. 1. 2023
Source: Česká televize
Millions of viewers searched for the results of the presidential election on domestic television stations. The most watched station on Saturday 28 January was ČT24, with an all-day share of 17.14% (15+). This is according to official data from ATO-Nielsen Admosphere.

The afternoon broadcast on CT24 was watched from 14:00 to 19:00 by an average of 921 thousand viewers over 15 years of age (rating). Overall (morning, afternoon, evening), the presidential broadcast reached more than 3 million viewers (3.2 million, 15+) on CT1 and CT24. The most watched was the newly elected president's appearance at the election headquarters (15:30 -16 hours), which was seen by 1.25 million people, i.e. over 41% of the TV audience.

The evening interview with President-elect Petr Pavel was seen by more than one million viewers on CT1 and CT24. The most popular Saturday's main news programme was Události, which was watched by 1.2 million viewers (35.69% of the audience).

The presidential broadcast Journey to the Castle, offered by TV Nova on Saturday afternoon, was watched by an average of 285,000 viewers (15+). The programme was broadcast from 13:00 to 17:15, with 1.3 million viewers watching at least three minutes of the programme (reach).

The broadcast of the results on our online channels of the Nova Group (TN Live and TV Nova online) reached 50 thousand views. On the day of the presidential election results, TV released 4 Breaking News bars on HbbTV with a reach of over 400 thousand unique viewers. The bar reporting on the interview with the winner of the election, Peter Paul, achieved the highest click-through rate of 2.25%.

CNN Prima News' full-day coverage of the presidential election results also reached over one million viewers. It was searched by 1.09 million viewers (15+, reach). The afternoon broadcast from 13:40 to 18:55 was watched by an average of 224 thousand viewers 15+ (rating). CNN Prima News had a daily share of 4.56% on Saturday (15+).

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