4. 10. 2023
Source: Media Club
The Czech Republic’s Media Club has launched a new programmatic buying of video advertising on TVs connected to the internet.

It brings the possibility of unique programmatic advertising planning in the prima+ video library, HbbTV, smart TV applications, Samsung, LG, Android TV and IPTV operators from a single interface.

Media Club is the first on the market to offer the possibility to buy video advertising programmatically through Adform’s private deals across TV platforms. It is available on the channels of the Prima group and the video library prima+. Advertisers of the Media Club can now use the video inventory of over 25 million video views per month, which are generated by viewers of Prima group channels. Due to the fact that the TV screen is usually the largest display in the home, Media Club ensures clients 100% visibility of their spot.

According to Nielsen Atmosphere’s measurements, an average of 1.3 viewers sit in front of a connected TV. A high degree of completion is also ensured. An un-skippable advertisement with a duration of 6-15 seconds guarantees 100% completion, but even in a footage of 20-30 seconds, the average viewing rate remains 95%. The ideal format for connected TV is video ads of 20-30 seconds in duration. The technical conditions for advertisers are the same as for in-stream video advertising.

Michal Jun, deputy sales director of Media Club’s online division, said: “Clients are already using video advertising in connected TV as part of direct sales. We have now also connected the technology through private deals with technology partner Adform. We see great potential in CTV and we will improve it in the future”.

According to Nielsen Atmosphere’s continuous research data, 29% of all television households use paid video libraries. Furthermore, 44% of households that declare using IPTV as their main source of TV content use paid video libraries. The use of advertising in connected TV is thus one of the few options for the contracting authority to reach users of paid video stores.

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