10. 6. 2023
Four key speakers at NEM Dubrovnik 2023 have been asked how they see the evolution of the TV industry during the next 10 years.

Their answers were as follows:

Haymi Behar, CMO & CDO, SPI International (a Canal+ Company): Over the next decade, the TV landscape is expected to evolve into a hybrid model, blending linear and on-demand viewership experiences. The platforms that can effectively aggregate content and deliver unique experiences will be the ones to succeed. AI-powered technologies will play a larger role in content creation, distribution, personalization and audience measurement.

Kenechi Beluševic, VP business development and dstribution, Warner Bros. Discovery: Two things will continue to define the TV industry evolution: Great content and Technology. Both elements will align more closely to influence user behavior and value proposition to serve consumers.

Matthias Settele, general director, TV Markíza and member of the editorial board, CME: Customer is king: Users decide. Targeting everywhere: Ads, consumption, and shopping individualized. AI all around: Robotic writing, filming, editing, voice over, translating and distribution for usual stuff. And high-quality programs as cream on top. Local content? Hope Europe is smart enough to keep its identity with great human made creative local formats…

Mark Young, EVP, distribution & networks, EMEA, Sony Pictures Television: We have seen huge change, expansion, and evolution in our industry over the past few years alone, however through it all there has always been a demand for great content. Our focus is to produce hit content which connects with audiences the world over. Whatever new platforms launch and however our existing partners diversify their services over the next decade and beyond, exploring the best ways to connect with audiences and partner with our clients will continue to be at the heart of what we do.

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