24. 6. 2022
According to Axocom data, 60 percent of the 1.3 million total viewers are paying for streaming video content.

Streaming platforms in the Czech Republic have 1.3 million viewers. However, the number of users paying for content on a regular basis is significantly lower, at roughly 60%, or 800,000 people. The rest take advantage of various promotions where they get access to video content for free or share their passwords with friends and colleagues. This is according to data from distribution company Axocom. The latter also points out that the trend of watching shows through streaming platforms is affecting domestic cinemas.

Axocom represents more than 50 specialised TV channels in the Czech market and in the CEE region, so it continuously monitors what is happening on the TV market. In terms of the most widely used services, according to the company's data, Netflix is still the number one service in the country with 37% of viewers, followed by HBO Max with 22% of viewers. Roughly 10% of viewers belong to Voyo.

"That's probably the one that will compete the most now for keeping attention, because local productions will be hard to match the foreign offerings of the most expensive movies that come with Disney+," comments Erika Luzsicza, the company's data director.

According to the company, the current market situation at the moment affects cinemas the most. In particular, the Disney+ offer contains the most blockbusters, which tend to be the box office draws of cinemas. At the same time, it focuses on films and series intended for the whole family. "In addition, this target group will probably appreciate the potential savings on cinema tickets by subscribing. Generally speaking, in times of high inflation, the savings fall most heavily on the cultural sector, as well as on services that people order as a sort of extra. At the same time, experience from abroad shows that around ten to 15 per cent of the audience has no problem migrating between services. If they get tired of one platform, they unsubscribe and subscribe to another. They get access to a different resource and a different library of titles for the same money," Luzsicza added.

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