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3. 5. 20243. 5. 2024
CNN Prima News' share has been steadily increasing, hovering around 2% over the past year.

News station CNN Prima News has increased its share of viewership year-on-year, stabilising at 1.91% in CS 15+ over the past year. It also narrowly missed the 2% mark in March and April this year. It also announced that it will expand its video podcast production.

CNN Prima News has offered video podcasts Voices of Crime and Generation of Depression since last year. On the occasion of its fourth anniversary in May, it will launch two new video podcast titles, a new studio, and is preparing other new shows, which it will collectively brand as CNN Prima News Podcast.

Burn... Stories of Firefighters is the new project of Krimi News anchor Matej Rychlý. Together with investigator Martin Kavka, they will tell the stories of the biggest fires of recent years. Viewers will be able to watch it regularly every Saturday at 14.25 on CNN Prima News. A double two-part premiere will be seen on Saturday, May 4 at 1.55pm and 2.25pm on CNN Prima News.

Another new feature is the video podcast Do well with Marian Jelinek, hosted by Lucie Čermáková. The coach of sports stars and top executives will give advice on how to deal with our everyday problems - raising children, partner cohabitation or personal crises. The date of the first broadcast has not yet been announced by the TV station.

Voices of Crime continues with journalists Václav Janata and Jakub Kvasnička, who analyse the biggest criminal cases of recent years. A book version is also being prepared.

New episodes of the video podcast Generation of Depression with Tereziia Tománková are also in the pipeline, who with her guests will offer adults the opportunity to understand the suffering of their children and also to prevent crisis situations. The seven-part series can be watched every Sunday from May 5 at 10.30pm on CNN Prima News.

"Alongside a number of TV projects, we have ventured into the podcast market and after just a few months, our Voices of Crime brand has become a phenomenon with a steady viewer base and millions of plays and views across multiple streaming platforms. That's why we're also launching two unique projects with great potential under our CNN Prima News Podcast brand that you'll see on TV. And I can reveal that this is just the beginning," says Martin Švehlák, CNN Prima News Director of News and Journalism.

In early June, CNN Prima News will bring the election studio and pre-election debates for the European elections, and in the autumn for the regional and US presidential elections.

Last year, regularly ranked in the top 5 most visited news sites. Last year it amassed over 372 million page views and recorded an average monthly traffic of 2.9 million real users.

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