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29. 5. 202429. 5. 2024
CNN Prima News will broadcast five major debates in the run-up to the European Parliament elections, including a duel between Prime Minister Petr Fiala and former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

CNN Prima News is building on its previous coverage of the European Parliament elections, with a major debate between the leaders of the parties' candidates for the European Parliament from Wednesday 29 May. Representatives of the groups Stačilo!, Přísaha a Motoristé sobě, SocDem and Svobodní will meet there from 20:30 and representatives of ANO, Spolu, STAN, Piráti, SPD and Trikolora from 21:30.

The debate is divided into two parts, one of which will give space to the leaders of parties with a stronger representation in the Chamber of Deputies, and the other to parties that do not have representation in the Chamber of Deputies but whose preferences, after averaging relevant pre-election polls, show a trend just above or just below the threshold needed to win seats in the European Parliament.

In addition to the candidates themselves, CNN Prima News will also give space to the presidents of the parties, movements and coalitions they represent. In two super-debates with the audience in the studio, the presenter duo Terezie Tománková and Petr Suchoň will ask them how they would tackle the biggest challenges currently facing the European Union. The duel will pit the Prime Minister Petr Fiala of the Together party against the leader of the strongest opposition ANO movement, Andrej Babiš.

  • Tuesday 4 June - 20:30: STAN, Piráti, SPD and Trikolora, Stačilo!, Přísaha and Motoristé sobě

  • Wednesday 5 June - 20:30: ANO, Spolu

According to Prima, the division into two debates is determined on the basis of preferences that reflect the representation of opinions in society. The parties, movements and coalitions represented are around the 5% threshold required to win seats, after taking into account possible deviations after averaging relevant pre-election polls.

CNN Prima News will be providing election coverage - and will do so throughout the election weekend. On Friday, 7 June, a special broadcast with Terezie Tománková from the European Parliament studio in Brussels will give viewers the information they need for the elections, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the European Parliament headquarters, reports, live feeds, interviews with MEPs and experts. Guests will include the authors of the Brussels Dictate podcast Ondřej Houska and CNN Prima News presenter Michal Půr, as well as long-serving MEPs who are not defending their mandate - Jiří Pospíšil and European Parliament Vice-President Dita Charanzová.

From 10:00 a.m., moderator Petr Převrátil will offer the leaders of the strongest candidates the opportunity to address the voters one last time just before the polls open in a special broadcast. The weekend special will culminate in an all-night election studio on Sunday with moderators Terezie Tománková, Petr Suchoně, Petr Převrátil, Kristýna Mala and a number of guests from the ranks of politicians and experts who will analyse the election results.

European Election Night kicks off on Sunday 9 June at 8pm and continues all night until 5:55am, when it will be followed by Monday's special post-election Nový Den.

The website will also offer pre-election coverage. In addition to coverage of all the events, users will find a selection of highlights from all the major debates, online coverage during the election weekend and an election calculator.

"European Parliament elections are often more distant for voters than domestic ones. Topics and candidates can be harder to read, making decision-making all the more difficult. Yet their importance for the Czech Republic and Europe is crucial. So, in addition to a comprehensive news service, we will offer an election calculator and a poll in which users will be able to express their views on major issues related to the European Union, such as the adoption of the euro, the Green Deal, the migration pact and others," says Tomáš Večeřa, Director of Online News and Deputy Director of News and Journalism at CNN Prima News.

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