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This April, two thematic channels of the Prima Group celebrated their birthdays. With the claim "15... Finally we can", Prima Cool reached its 15th birthday, while Prima Krimi completed 6 years since its launch on Easter Monday. This spring, both channels have prepared a number of new programmes and premiere films for viewers.

Prima Cool will be dominated by Mikýř's hysterics of Czech history, the channel will also offer the premiere of the Oscar-winning film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once or the series of action comedies Kingsman with the premiere of the last episode. Prima Krimi will bring the premiere series of the popular Purple River series and new episodes of Shadows of Death, while the return of investigator Vera Stanhope and her Crimes of the Moors is also announced.
"This year marks a beautiful birthday for two of our hugely popular themed channels. Prima Cool started on our screens on April 1, 2009, Prima Krimi started broadcasting on Easter Monday 2018 and we've been keeping its birthday moving ever since on that festive Monday, which this year also falls on the first day of April," says Alex Ruzek, Prima Group's programme director, adding: "Since its launch, Prima Cool has primarily targeted young men, with CS M15-39 achieving a 6.53 per cent share across the day last year. Films were among the most watched programmes, but viewers were also entertained by our docuseries Porno!, Partička XXL and channel stalwart The Simpsons. Prima Krimi also did well, with a record-breaking last twelve months - its share among adult viewers in CS 15+ climbed to 4.11 per cent in the whole day. Viewers have been most drawn to its screens by the series Crimes of the Moors, so they will be delighted that we will be offering them premiere episodes this spring."

Prima Cool

The celebrations began on Prima Cool the weekend before the birthday itself, 30 March, with the premiere of Kursk, based on the true story of the sinking of the nuclear submarine of the same name. Two weeks later, on 13 April, the film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, which won seven Oscars last year, will hit the screens. Then, from April 14, a series of three Kingsmen films will be on screens every Sunday night fighting for justice, the latest instalment of which, subtitled First Mission, will premiere. Exciting acquisition titles then await audiences throughout this year.

During the spring, a new programme called Mikýř's Hysteory of Czech History will offer an unconventional look into Czech history. One of the most renowned influencers of our time, Martin Mikyska, aka Mikýř, will guide the viewer through sites that are exceptional for Czech history and will put history school knowledge into remarkable contexts.

The marketing campaign "15... Finally We Can", celebrating the channel's birthday, creatively plays with the theme of things being legal from the 15th birthday this year. This will include print advertising, outdoor advertising across the country, TV spots and social media communications, such as a small motorbike that can be used to get a driving licence from that age, or, in the spirit of the young target group, a Coolu condom.

On the day of its birthday, Prima Cool launched one more novelty - it now offers audio description of the plot for visually impaired and blind viewers for selected programmes, also created with the help of artificial intelligence.

Prima Krimi

Prima Krimi also marked its birthday on Saturday 30 March with its first gift for viewers. In the four premiere episodes of the popular series Purple River, every Saturday night brings new stories of investigators Pierre Niémans and Camille Delaunay. They will investigate bizarre art murders at a conservatory and a monstrous killer who is a cross between a man and a hyena, a deadly game of perverted voyeurs and mysteriously disappearing prisoners. Just before the end of the month, on April 28, Captain Sharon Raydor returns to the screen with her best practices and results in Closer: New Cases. Then, before the end of spring, the hugely successful Shadows of Death will return to screens, plus new episodes, and the popular Crimes of the Moors, starring the excellent Brenda Blethyn as Inspector Vera Stanhope, will make its premiere before the summer.

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