16. 11. 2021
Live TV viewing remains the strongest type of linear TV viewing. TV content in the digital environment is watched most often on demand.

Most TV viewing in the linear TV broadcasting is live, i.e. occurs at the time scheduled for individual programmes. According to the data from the official measurement of ATO-Nielsen Admosphere, live TV viewing accounted for 85% of the total TV viewing this October. Time-shift viewing, i.e. when programmes are watched at times different from the live broadcasting (thanks to catch-up services or recording or searching archives), represents 15%.

Time shift viewing has been gradually slightly increasing, predominantly thanks to the boom of IPTV. However, the rating also depends on target groups. While in the youngest viewer groups up to 34 years its share can exceed 25%, in viewer groups 65+ it accounts for units of percent.

As we have already informed, five times more households receive a TV signal via the internet than five years ago. Their share has grown from 4% to 22%.

In TV content viewing on digital platforms (PC, mobile, tablet), video on demand (VOD) prevails. According to the data presented at the Forum Media conference by Tereza Šimečková and Tomáš Hynčica from Nielsen Admosphere last week, the share of VOD content viewing in digital is 68% while live viewing accounts for just less than a third (32%).

Most of all, digital TV is viewed on PCs (53%), then on TV screens (24%) and the third place is taken by mobile phones (18%).

Thanks to the increased viewing via IPTV, the number of people who are willing to pay for streaming video services has been growing. However, the estimates of how big the group of paying viewers is differ.

According to the data of the Czech Statistical Office for 2020, the number of the Czechs using pay online channels tripled during the Covid-19 pandemic and the services were subscribed by 11% of people aged 16+ last year. This is nearly a million Czechs.

The Atmedia Index research made by Atmedia indicates that at present, 28% of Czech TV viewers subscribe to at least one streaming service and their total number is two million. The research shows that Netflix and HBO Go are the most popular services. Specifically, three out of four Czech TV viewers watching streaming services subscribe to Netflix, which is 74%. HBO Go accounts for 34%. The data includes the period from April to May 2021.

The prediction by Daniel Grunt, Head of Digital in TV Nova and CME, is closer to CSO’s estimate. At the Czech Internet Forum conference held in October, Grunt estimated the market size of subscription video on demand (SVOD) services in the Czech market at CZK 1.7 billion and the number of subscribers at 700 thousand.

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