27. 4. 2022
Prima has revealed the shape of the campaign it will launch on TV from Sunday 2 May to limit rewind advertising.

The Prima Group is launching the #Don'tRewind (Nepřetáčej) communications campaign from May, explaining to viewers that ad revenue is vital to Prima as a commercial broadcaster. The campaign follows the widespread introduction of restrictions on ad rewinds, which will apply to all Prima channels from 1 June 2022, as part of the delayed (backwards) viewing of programmes by viewers who watch TV via the internet (IPTV).

The #Don'tScrew campaign features three Prima Group shows as they would look in low-cost backdrops and execution. The agency behind the concept is Jinej Gang, headed by Ondrej Hübl. The production company Ad kolektiv, under the direction of director Daniel Růžička, took over the production.

The first of the spots features the main character of the ZOO series, Eva Burešová, delivering her lines to a mannequin with a wig, and is directed by a "set designer" who challenges Eva to alter the gorilla character at the end.

The second spot introduces the setting of the filming of Honza Dědek's show with the central character of an old man, "the old man", who is supposed to host the show, but lo and behold, he has a memory problem. In the final scene, the real presenter Honza Dědek appears in the audience.

The last spot introduces the entertaining show We Like the Czech Republic with Libor Bouček and the pseudo-characters of the captains - Vojta Kotek and Jakub Prachař, who are again portrayed by random non-actors. Here, too, the main characters are exposed to folk concepts and the pitfalls of cheap sets.

As in the previous versions of the spots, the audience hears the protagonist's plea at the end - in this case Libor Boucek - for people to watch the commercials, as this is how the Prima group can maintain the current quality of the programmes.
"It was a great challenge for us to create the concept of this campaign, because rewinding commercials is a very specific topic, which we also communicate to viewers who do not watch TV connected via the Internet and are therefore not familiar with the possibility of rewinding commercials,"

said Aleš Pýcha, marketing director of the Prima Group.

The #Don'tScrew (Nepřetáčej) campaign will run from 2 May across all media types of the Prima Group, including radio, and will also appear in newspaper advertisements, TV guides and online. Prima also said it is in talks with operators about the possibility of using the spots in the operators' information channels. The gradation of the campaign is targeted for 1 June, with the campaign tapering off in the 2nd and 3rd week of June.

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