9. 8. 2021
The Association of Television Organisations (ATO) is planning to move TV and video viewing measurement to a higher level. New developments in 2023-2027 should include cross-media measurement. Two research agencies sent their bids to the tender.

In July, Kantar Media a Nielsen Admosphere sent their proposals to participate in the tender invited by the Association of Television Organisations for an implementer of cross-platform electronic viewership measurement between 2023 and 2027. The bids of both agencies will be presented in September, the winner should be announced by this October. “By 30 November at the latest we should sign a contract with a new implementer,” said the statutory director of ATO, Vlasta Roškotová, to

In the new project, ATO’s ambition is to provide comprehensive measurement of TV ratings to all levels of video content consumption measurement on all platforms available (cross-platform), through all end-devices available (cross-device) and using modern technologies. “Through the new project, we would like to move the electronic measurement of TV ratings to a higher level. The project should reflect not only technological changes occurring in the industry but also respond more efficiently to new habits in viewers’ behaviour. We witness changes in the manner of TV content consumption, namely in young target groups. Video content is increasingly delivered to viewers through new distribution platforms, such as iOS and Android, HbbTV, SmartTV, IPTV/OTT or other,” specified the reasons ATO’s statutory director.

ATO intends to measure linear and non-linear broadcasting and time-shifted viewing (newly up to 30 days). New developments should also include the expansion of video content measurement (i.e. shows and ad messages) on all platforms and end devices (TV, smart TV with HbbTV, PC, tablet, mobile phone) where viewing takes place. “Cross-media measurement is a progressive element in the future project. We expect to receive information about the total reach of shows and the total reach of ads processed in a single analysis in which all relevant platforms will be included,” adds Vlasta Roškotová.

Measuring viewership in real time (real-time data) is a specific feature of the Czech project. Processing meteorological data and research of life style (LSS) will continue to be part of the project.

At present, electronic measuring of viewership and video content consumption is carried out by Nielsen Admosphere. It has been measuring TV ratings in the Czech Republic since 2002. Nearly two thousand households opted in to the project and data is measured per second. In the latest period (2018-2022), the project has expanded to include TV and non-TV content ratings on the internet (PEM-D). All end video content players are measured.

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